How knowing your “Why” will save your startup

Roi Shternin
3 min readFeb 18, 2021
Photo by Denys Michalevitz

The “Why” and the “How”

Many have asked me “how” I start a successful startup during my talks. “How” do I make a sound, sustainable business model and “how” could we exit. Rarely I’ve been asked, “why.”

The “why” is the essential part of every project, let alone a startup. I always shook the audience, saying that a grounded wish to change things for the better and do good shouldn’t start a startup without a solid reason.

Yes, many entrepreneurs are in it for the money, but frankly, and after meeting hundreds of entrepreneurs, the definite minority is the serial Business sharks; they’re only to make money, no matter what. Most entrepreneurs I have met are in for the change, for the possible impact.

In my talk “how failing my startup led to my greatest success,” I explain that without this do-good drive, your fuel will run out fast. The daily hassles of developing while struggling to keep your heads above the water financially and trying to secure funding and possible partners are too overwhelming. You have to have an inner push to keep ongoing. Most entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to said they want to make a difference.

The “How”

The how is not the hard part, thousands have done this before you, and with a bit of humility and…



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