10 ways to survive as a public speaker during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Roi Shternin
5 min readFeb 19, 2021
Back in the good old days of live talks. Photo by: JpintIdea

I’m a professional public speaking. In fact, While trying to build a startup and support a charity, I have made my living out of keynotes, talks, and workshops in the past four years.

Many of us weren’t prepared for this pandemic. Many of us said we would do an online course, offer webinars, and expand their services to the virtual realms, but many failed to realize that this scale crisis can happen. I have gathered some hard-learned lessons that might help you patch through this pandemic without losing your business.

  1. It’s obvious, but — enhance your online presence.

If, for some reason, you don’t have a website yet, build one today. There are many simple options out there that do not require programming skills or paying a professional. I used Squarespace for my website. Still, recently, I have discovered the beautiful Tilda.cc. There are many more like the famous Wix.

Those are free for limited facilities but cheap and straightforward monthly subscription fees.

2. Go live, Go online, go now.

Many of us don’t like webinars, It’s an old-fashioned way to create traction, leads, or gain new crowds. But in today’s age, there are many ways to reinvent this old trick and make it your own.

You can pre-record it and give it for free to gain more members in your mailing lists or community; you can see very cheap tickets or use a distribution platform to make it happen, such as meetup.com or Eventbrite. You can also go live once a week on your social page with the most followers, just giving some value. It doesn’t have to be your entire keynote, and it can be a 15 min topic-based talk, a discussion, or a Q&A.

3. Use clubhouse

This is probably the next big thing. Clubhouse is a different kind of social media too. It’s a place to share, discuss and present an Idea. It is based on “rooms” in which like-minded people join together and record a voice message, creating a discussion or debate. You can make your own “room” based on an interest or topic, and it’s a great way to increase your reputation and followers; grab it while it’s hot!



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